The beer collective is proud to offer select growlers to all customers.  We also offer limited memberships into our exclusive growler club program.  

*note* Growlers must be to go and may not be filled during busy hours.  

Due to regulations, we can only fill The Beer Collective growlers for fills.  You can buy a new 32oz or 64oz growler on premise for $5

Growlers from home MUST be cleaned and ready for fills as we do not have the time or equipment to adequately sanitize growlers.  . 

Growler Club 2017-2018 NOW OPEN

Included in membership for $100

  1. 1 32oz black matte stainless steel limited edition Beer Collective growler
  2. 1 64oz growler filled upon purchase of the growler
  3. Happy Hour drink prices at all times
  4. Free growler fill of select beers on two owners' b-day, within 1 week 
  5. Free growler fill on member's birthday within a week
  6. $1 off 32oz pours (limit 1 per day)
  7. $2 off all 64 oz growlers (limit 1 per day)
  8. Invite to exclusive private End of the Year party to enjoy free unique beers from all over the world.  

Email notice of special events and pours at The Beer Collective

The savings: If you fill up your growler once a week for a year then you save $104 on purely growler fills.  Add in the first growler fill ($18), birthday pours ($64) and happy hour pricing and the savings happen fast.  Join before they run out.  

********happy hour pricing on drinks only goes towards growler club members, not their guests.